Tomorrow's Medical Solutions Today Wound Management Technologies, Inc. (WNDM) is a rapidly growing provider of first-in-class specialty medical products, advanced biotechnology solutions and technology applications to secure healthcare data delivery and messaging. The company is dedicated to creating and commercializing cell and drug therapies to treat diabetes and other chronic diseases. Our mission is to deliver life-enhancing therapeutics and biopharmaceuticals via high-quality biotechnical research, product development and demand side marketing initiatives. Wound Management has extended its technology footprint in healthcare with the recent acquisition of Secure eHealth, LLC a provider of secure data and messaging solutions to healthcare which provide collaboration between providers, insurers, ancillary services and patients.

Wound Care Innovations, LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of Wound Management Technologies, Inc., brings to the wound care arena a unique and dynamic mix of expertise, products, procedures and service. Clinical research has shown that collagen is much more than just the most prevalent component of skin. Research documents that collagen offers structural support, and has the capabilities to actively assist in the body's wound healing processes. Collagen has been proven to trigger every critical process involved in the body's healing of wounds and help establish balance in the wound bed. The patented, activated form of collagen in CellerateRX® products is the only one on the market that provides the inherent active properties of collagen to the body immediately.

CellerateRX® - Uncommon Technology / Unlimited Potential In July of 2004, Wound Management Technologies, Inc. secured the exclusive distribution rights for CellerateRX® products for the United States and most worldwide markets, and the rights to purchase the associated patent and related intellectual property. CellerateRX® is cleared by the FDA as a medical device for use on all acute and chronic wounds except for 3rd degree burns and is made in the USA.

The company distributes CellerateRX® domestically through its Fort Lauderdale based subsidiary Wound Care Innovations, and has just completed a distribution agreement with Biocure S.r.l. of Milan, Italy to launch the European Sales initiative. Similar initiatives are in development to service the Middle East, South America, China, and Australia.

In the US alone, approximately 85% of lower extremity amputations are preceded by chronic diabetic foot wounds which lead to over 80,000 amputations annually with direct and indirect costs ranging to nearly $5,000,000,000. CellerateRX® targets a multi-billion dollar domestic and international wound care market with over 60% profit margins. By 2025 the Global Diabetic Market alone that potentially would be a candidate for CellerateRX® is forecast to be in excess of 48,000,000 patients. BioPharma - Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering and Cancer Treatment Recently the company acquired BioPharma Management Technologies, a strategic biotechnology platform of proprietary and patented technologies. Through this wholly owned subsidiary and other ongoing initiatives the company is positioned to leverage its existing technology and infrastructure to develop opportunities within the International Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering and Cancer Treatment markets.