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VHGI Gold (a wholly owned subsidiary of VHGI) has initiated steps to leverage the company's operating history and corporate resources within the Gold Mining, Precious Metals and Energy Production Markets. Although Gold is selling at 25 year high; Oil & Gas continue to be trading at significant premiums as well. Global economic events have created significant opportunities within these markets while assets can be acquired at significant discounts. VHGI intends to pursue these opportunities through Lease-Purchase opportunities, Property Acquisitions and Joint Ventures.

Gold has a unique place in man's life, down through the ages, we have defined wealth and status using gold. We have used it to adorn our bodies and our homes. The Incas called gold the "sweat of the sun", the Pharaohs insisted on being buried in what they referred to as the "flesh of the gods" and Isaac Newton established gold as the benchmark of a new global economy. We have made it the standard to be attained.

In all of history, only 161,000 tons of gold has been mined, and more than half of this amount has been excavated in the past 50 years. It is surprising also to learn that the U.S. is not the number 1 consumer of gold. But that India holds this title as the largest "gold nation" worldwide (773.6 tons of gold consumed in 2007), followed by China (363.3 tons), who surpassed the U.S. (278.1 tons) in 2007 as the second largest gold consumer.

The overall outlook for GOLD remains strong.

In this macroeconomic environment including low interest rates, increased liquidity and fiscal policies are supportive of higher gold prices. The outlook for US inflation and interest rates is the key component of gold prices in the medium to long term.

We expect a slow US economic recovery to keep inflation rates low in 2010 and 2011 and lead the US Federal Reserve to maintain its short-term interest rate target rate to remain near zero. Continuing low US real interest rate scenario in 2010 and 2011 will likely allow gold prices to continue to rise higher during this period.

Though GOLD pricing has fluctuated from the beginning of 2010 to now the trend has continued up.

Regardless of any price dips, gold is expected to show resilience and does not really want to go much below the $1,200 level.

Our current Gold Mining opportunities are located in just outside of Prescott (in Yavapai County), AZ. For more information concerning these project please see Projects section of our web site.