Envoy - n. A messenger, an agent.

Envoii Holding, LLC has developed a patented architecture, Envoii, which has been used to create a secure, cross-platform, patented content object model and execution environment for the emerging next-generation internet. Envoii Holding has used Managed Object (PMO) and Relationship Managed Channel (RMC) technology to enable the creation of this new type of intelligent, mobile, and autonomous content object.

The Envoii engine is based on a service-oriented architecture. When an Envoii object arrives in a new place, the first thing it does is to request from its new parent whatever special services it needs to function. If a requested service is not available locally, it can be downloaded, dynamically extending the capabilities of the engine. Examples of services include:

  • Display service
  • Event service
  • Communications service
  • Tracking service
  • Spatial manager (transformations)
  • 3D rendering
  • Virtual Machine for behaviors
  • Community Service (P2P)

An Envoii object functions as an envoy in the sense that it is a secure messenger for digital content between two servers.

The Envoii runtime environment is a downloadable set of native components. We call this runtime the Envoii Engine. Each Envoii engine is assigned and carries a globally unique identifier (GUID) after installation. GUID data are included in tracking reports, and are used as a verification step for end-user identity management.

The best way to understand how Envoii objects can help your business is to try them out. The Envoii demonstrations on this website will illustrate a banking application, a marketing application, and a secure notification application. Hover over the downloads link above to preview or download any or all of the Envoii demo applications.